Web Services are defined as reusable web based applications that can be accessed through different hardware platforms and operating systems. Cloudsurph is a Web Design Company in Maryland which provides Hosting Services in Washington, DC, Web Services in Maryland and Web Hosting Service as well.

Earlier, the connectivity was limited only to the computers that were using same hardware and software technologies. But this limited functionality was insufficient to fulfill the ever-growing needs of business. So it was necessary to have such kind of system that can allow to inter platform communications, or we can say that the communications should be independent of the Operating Systems and Programming Languages. To address this issue, the concept of web services were introduced. A web service has list of methods and procedures that can be used by any of the application irrespective of the programming languages, OS, hardware used to develop them.

CloudSurph reserves the right to terminate, suspend or limit access to the customer’s account at any time with or without notice. It does not have an exchange or switch program meaning that if a customer would like to change their service from one to another, a refund must be processed and then the customer may purchase the other service. If the customer would like to cancel their service, they can do so at any time through the customer support. In the event of a cancellation, CloudSurph will give the customer 30 days after the initial date to cancel their service and get a full refund if the service is refundable. The services that is refundable: any VPS purchased domain monthly purchases and online storage. Further, CloudSurph reserves the right to refund a partial or non-refund the following service: any domain name purchased, any fees that were applied before, during or after a payment, any dedicated hosting plan, any certificate issued and Cloud Test Rack plan. CloudSurph reserves the right to deny access to any account with a balance that is greater than $0.00.

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