In this article, we will explain How to Create a Heap in JavaScript. A heap is a tree-like data structure. Eventually, the type of heap we will use for our objectives will be a binary tree.

Also, a heap must be complete, meaning that each level of the tree should be filled from left to right.

And one is not allowed to create another level of the tree without filling all the possible nodes remaining on the last level.

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Basically, we will create and employ a max-heap.

How to Create a Heap in JavaScript

Since the difference between a max-heap and a min-heap is trivial and does not affect the general logic back to the Heap Sort algorithm, the implementation of the min-heap.

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Therefore, the creation of an ascending order by heap sort is a matter of changing the comparison operators.

Check the below code for example:

class MaxHeap{
        this.heap = [];

        return Math.floor((index-1)/2);

        return (2*index + 1);

        return (2*index + 2);

During the MaxHeap class, we have defined a constructor that starting with an empty array.

Eventually, we will create extra functions to populate a heap inside this array.

However, children of a given node and we have only created helper functions that will return the index of the parent.

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