In this article, we are going to learn that how to install a Vesta CP control panel on Centos 8.

So the Vesta control panel is an open-source hosting control panel currently supports both rill and also Ubuntu.

And also it packs a bunch of features by default to allow you to host and manage your website with ease on you which virtual private server so let’s get started with the installation procedure.


Start by ensuring that your system is updated by running the following command

# yume -y updat


Now we chose that our system is up to date and then the next step will be installing.

The vesta control panel to do that you have to download the vesta control panel install script with the following command

# curl  -0


Now the script has been downloaded after the download makes the script execute and executed by typing the command below

#chmod +X

Now the script is getting executed after that if everything is fine then you will get the following

Vesta CP

screen and then here following software’s will be installed on your system Nginx web server Apache web server as a back-end.

Then be on the server and so on when you press Y the system will ask you for an email address.

It’s ok to provide a real one and it will advise you when it’s complete and will issue your login credentials to do that address.

Then you have to enter your fully qualified domain name.

And then the installation will begin now we have successfully installed the Vesta CP once the Installer finishes installing.

It will show you the URL and also the username and password just to open the URL

In the web browser and login using the username on the password is the login interface of the Vesta CP now

Vesta CP install Server

You will get this username password and HTTPS:// IP after completing the steps.

Above as if this will not happen then do this whole process again for perfection and avoiding any of your mistakes.

Here enter the username which displayed. 

Vesta CP DNS

and also the password copy this from the Vesta control panel where you have installed it and paste this password after doing that you will see an interface of the Vesta CP.

Now there you can find the user details on the email details.

Then web DNS mail and you can find everything which is necessary for a hosting control panel.

so this is how we install and use Vesta CP.

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