Step by step installation includes:

  1. Required to log in to the system with domain and local administrator privileges and then download the Websense.
  2. After this need to follow the on-screen instructions to download the web sense suit to your system that supports Linux, Solaris, or Windows.
  3. You can download the Websense Web Security or Websense Enterprise any package you prefer having. You need to create an account an account with the web sense web portal and this way you will be getting a provisional evaluation key along with a password.
  4. After this, you need to extract the files from the downloaded suit and then run the setup file, installing the suit into your system by running the.exe file to your local disk. As soon you start running the exe files, the files will be extracted automatically.
  5. Needs to figure out the installation choices and follow the prompts. If you are installing Web-sense Enterprise then the installation type should be typical and if you have Web Security Suite then you need to make use of the typical components and policy manager as its product.
  6. If you consider applying filtering protocols by group names or users, without prompting the user to log in, you can make use of the Transparent Identification Agent that is optional to use.

More Step by step installation includes:

  1. After this, you need to enter the Web-sense evaluation or subscription key during the installation procedure. This will enable the Web-sense application to start working right away.
  2. You need to run the language as soon you are done with the installation if you are prompted. You need to launch the Web-sense Manager by clicking over the underscored server icon and set up a password for the Websense Administrator, Websense User Name.
  3. It needs to then configure your cache, proxy server, or firewall.
  4. Also need to activate your services subscription and then complete the installation setup.
  5. It can again run the installer to install the reporting tools that are; Web Security Suite Reporting components or Web-sense Enterprise Reporting
  6. Can start with the Real-Time Analyzer to analyze the network risks that may occur. However, before you install, you need to consider few points which are as under;

Web-sense application

Web sense

This needs to figure out if you want to install a Web-sense application as a standalone program.

Or as an integrated program that works incorporation with different networking devices.

Such as network appliances, proxy servers, or firewalls.

However, corporations would prefer the stand-along option much attractive.

Nevertheless, both kinds of options are providing the same high performance, reliability, and features.

The Software Supports: 

The software programs it supports are; Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft MSDE 2000, Apache HTTP Server 2.0.50, Microsoft IIS v5.0 or 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer® v5.5 or higher, Windows Server 2003.

When coming to Network visibility, the Websense machine should be having bi-directional access to the entire Web traffic, enabling all the readable and writable packets.

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