Privacy Policy

Personal Data collection

When you sign up at CloudSurph for any service that we offer, we collect personal information from our customers. To be eligible to purchase any service from CloudSurph​, the customer must be at least 18 years of age or must have a co-signer that is at least 18 years of age at the time of acquisition. Personal information pertains to your name, billing address, e-mail address, IP address, password or any related account information such as a security question, credit card number, or other payment information collected upon sign up for recurring payment cycles. We also gather anonymous usage information from our visitors via cookies for usage with Google Analytics.

Personal data security

When it comes to personal data at CloudSurph we strive to protect the security of our customers. We use the Secure Socket Layer to encrypt the card information we receive. The card information is then transmitted to our merchant processor which processes our payments. Personal information such as credit card information and any form of encryption including API keys is limited to our support team. We cannot eradicate risks associated with the security of spoken data as well as security breaches and errors. In the event of risk contact our support team for assistance.

Personal data disclosure

CloudSurph does not admit any third party to access our personal data. Nor do we give out any information for advertising or partnerships. CloudSurph is in acceptance with relevant laws and legal governing bodies of any country we do business in or a location that one of our customers may reside in. We remain compliant with the United States and International Laws, where mandated by state or federal agencies for criminal investigations or by court order.

Personal data admittance

Customers of CloudSurph have admittance to their personal information such as; full name or company name, credit card information and email address. Information that CloudSurph customers have the access to delete includes their full name or company name and billing that was used, which we will not store in our database after termination. The customers’ email address, network logs, any case where fraudulent or know to be illegal activity that is determined by law enforcement or the CloudSurph team may stay on file in our database in order to aid the prevention of frequent misuse in the future from the aberrant party. The customer may contact [email protected] to have their email address permanently removed from our database.