The Future Of Gaming One The Cloud Hosting:

Cloud gaming is an online gaming technology based on cloud computing technology, also known as gaming on demand.

Cloud gaming technology allows games of high quality to run by clients with relatively limited data computing capabilities and graphics processing.

All games run on the server side, and after rendering the game screen compressed and transferred via the network to the user.

You don’t have to use any high end processor and graphics card on the client side, you just need to have the video’s decompression capacity.

It seems that the most significant steps for cloud games are yet to come, but they are taking shape already.

Most gaming companies are moving to cloud computing and gaining much more success and the future of gaming will also based on the cloud.

Let’s discuss why gaming moves to the cloud and how it moves.

Advantages of gaming on the cloudbest gaming on the cloud

Save the disk:

There is no need to download the game itself locally, which can save a lot of hard disk space.

Requirement of hardware:

The game needs a minimal amount of graphics, CPU, and client memory.

As long as the thin client can run the cloud game with fundamental streaming media.

Game safety:

Since the game utilizes a system for video streaming and it can eliminate the game plug in 100 percent which significantly saves the developer’s investment in the anti plug in game.

The game’s random migration:

When there is a reasonable key mapping of the game control problem, the game on the computer can run on the mobile phone and the device resolution can dynamically adapted to play the streaming media game.


What are the advantages of having a game server on cloudsurph?

Cloudsurph is a VPS provider company which provides cloud based services to the businesses and people. Cloudsurph can help facilitate in launching your game server with our turnkey VPS options.

Processing and Memory:

Cloud Game servers have dual processing from the intel Xeon e5 2630 family and with up to 6v dual processing colors to keep high efficiency on your gamer server at peak times.


DDR4 ECC RAMs are readable faster and giving you greater flexibility in processing your data.

Monthly Storage & Traffic Disks:

SSD 2.5 disks maintain excellent readability with information processing and monthly cloud traffic unlimited. Which is very good in the long run.