In this article, we are going to discuss top tips and tricks for flutter. So here is the first one is below.

 Introduction screen

Simply, you start with the introduction screen.


The do the undone argument and the page is a list of the page view model.

Rich text

Rich Text

you want to have a different style inside your text use the rich text.

You have a text pan inside this text pane you have the children and all the text bands with a different style.


You want to have a different ratio inside your screen you can use the flexible widget inside you can use the flex factor to change all the ratios.

But what if you would like this widget to take all the remaining places we can use the expanded so you just replace the flexible with the expanded.

If you have another expanded you can use the flex argument to change the ratio of the application.

Circle avatar

You can use the circle avatar over your image to have a circle you use the radius to change the size and the background color to change the background.


Sometimes you have a row with too many children you can use the wrap instead and it will look like this.

Splash screen

Every application has one and you can use the flutter native splash to do it.

You add the color to the image in your pop spec you run this comment and then you have your splash screen.

Snack bar

It looks like this and if you want to use it you can use the scaffold.

snack bar

For context, that shows snack bar and you use the snack bar widget with a certain duration if you want.


If you want any widget to disappear or reappear you can wrap it with the visibility widget you just set the visible argument then you define true or false.

Spread operator

If you want to add a list of widgets inside a column you could use another column but there is something easier it’s just the spread operator.

Status bar color

For Android, you can change it by using the “systemuioverlaystyle” and use the status bar color.

You can also change the navigation bar color by using the system navigation bar color.

And if you want you can also put them both transparent.

The body behind the app bar

If you want your widget to appear behind the app bar you can use the extended body behind a bar as true.

 Safe area

If you don’t have any app bar all your widgets will go behind the status bar to solve this you can use the safe area.


If you want any widget to have a circular border-radius you can use the clipRrect.

But if you are with a container it is preferable to use the border-radius inside decoration.

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