What’s new in Angular 12?

In this article, we will discuss the new features what are the new points are. What are the breaking changes with the angular 12?

Some relate to the code some not relates to the code and for every point, angular 12 confuse with the scope of the protractor they are thinking that we should remove the protractor or not.

My favorite feature is nullish coalescing they update some documentation also so that we can learn angular easily they also applied some changes in the style related to the sass.

They also depreciate the support for internet explorer 11 and there are some minor updates.

Ivy everywhere (View engine)

Moving closer to ivy everywhere they provide that in a bracket view engine so what are the Ivy everywhere.

And what is the view engine see they both are responsible for compiling the components and showing them on the browser.

But the view engine is the older one which depreciates not removed in the official documentation.

Nullish coalescing

The nullish coalescing is a point that saves time for the developer.

Angular 12

let’s say you have a property with the name of age and you want to check that it should not be null it should not undefines.

It should not be false that you have to apply the three checks but now you can apply the double question marks and replace them.

These three checks with just two double question marks and you can see that how much time you can save and how much code you can see this angular 12.

Stylish improvement

What happens now angular component will support the inline sets previously we cannot use the CSS inline.

Because of the angular compiler but now this is possible and now angular 12 is also supporting the tailwind CSS.

What is i18n message ID’s

What is i18n so this is used for localization so let’s say you want to publish your app in more than one country.

In all countries, they are speaking different languages so control the language of our website we use the i18n package.

Learning angular

They have improved the documentation for better learning and add a content projection guide with new content.

Other updates

They depreciate the support for angular IE11.

Microsoft has depreciated the support for angular 10 also so that’s why they are also just depreciating the support.

stick mode is by default. In the V12 they are providing full support with webpack 5.

They update the typescript version now in angular 12 we have typescript 4.2.

Next is the ng build command they are just provided by default for production and it will just save some extra time.

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