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Why Cloud Computing Will Change All Aspects Of Life

The future of cloud computing Why is cloud computing the company's future? To answer this question, it must first be understood that data storage in companies has grown exponentially. There has also increased the demand for cloud solutions. However, this is not the...

HD vs SSD storage for VPS

In the same way as a hard drive or USB memory, a solid state drive is a physical storage medium. Unlike storage technology HDD, SSD based on flash and in the future will replace all current storage media, and is on track to do so. We must say that conventional hard...

Create a VPN server using a linux VM

If you are surfing through a public wi-fi hotpots , a malicious user could capture and evaluate all traffic. The solution is a vpn tunnel (vpn server)- an encrypted connection (vpn) to another, trusted network through which all data packets flow. There are a number of...

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