Why Should You Choose Laravel for Your Next Web Project

While writing a web application in PHP, you have the choice to select from an extensive range of PHP frameworks. Laravel is now more famous than other PHP frameworks the usage records posted on various websites suggest that. But smarter web developers never select a PHP framework based on its popularity or market share. You should evaluate the pros and cons of Laravel to select the PHP framework that meets all project needs perfectly. As Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, it helps you to curtail web application development costs.

Why choose Laravel for next coming project reasons are below 


1) Eloquent ORM

Laravel Elo

This framework Laravel comes with a built-in object-relational mapper (ORM) system – Eloquent. You can use Eloquent ORM to work with more than one database and operate common database operations. While using Eloquent ORM, you can work with more than one database correctly through ActiveRecord implementation. Likewise, you can take advantage of these models without writing lengthy SQL queries performs common database operations. 


2) Blade Template Engine

As Laravel supports the model-view-controller (MVC) programming paradigm, by keeping their user interface and business logic layers separated you can develop complex web applications rapidly. At the same time, you can compile all views into PHP code with the help of the Blade template engine, and cache the PHP code till the views remain unchanged.


3) Intuitive Syntax Rules

The syntax rules of Laravel are both easy and simple to understand. You can learn the syntax of Laravel without a lot more time and effort. 


 4) RESTful Routing

Laravel help in simplifying web application development, by using the support of RESTful routing Laravel enables web service development. You can use the PHP framework to build web services based totally on REST architecture. The function allows you to make the web application interact with different applications and offers through an open protocol like HTTP. Further, you can simplify web services development by using leveraging HTTP methods like getting, POST, PUT and DELETE.

5) Composer

While using Laravel, you can increase the web application’s performance and user experience because of the use of third-party packages. Laravel in addition helps you to manipulate the external programs successfully by a robust dependency management tool like Composer. You can even set up and run Composer easily by the use of running specific Artisan commands. 


6) API Development

The latest version of Laravel simplifies API development through resource classes. While writing APIs, you can leverage the resource classes to link eloquent models and JSON requests without growing an additional transformation layer. The resource classes in addition allow you to convert models and model collections into JSON without requiring an additional transformation layer.


7) Artisan

Laravel permits you to perform common web development tasks by a command-line interface – Artisan. You can run Artisan commands to operate common web development functions and optimize the overall performance of the Laravel applications. At the identical time, Laravel permits you to create customized commands in accordance with your precise requirements.