Terms of Service

Welcome to CloudSurph terms, By using any of our products, viewing or browsing our website, you are in acceptance and bound by our terms of service. Please read our terms of service thoroughly before accessing our website. The word “customer” will be used in this agreement as anyone who purchases a service, browses our website or creates an account with CloudSurph. IF YOU ARE IN DISAGREEMENT WITH OUR TERMS OF SERVICE PLEASE LEAVE THE WEBSITE.

Master contract

Approval for usage

To be allowed to use CloudSurph terms & services, the customer must be at least 18 years of age. Anyone under 18 will need a co-signer that is at least 18 years of age when creating a CloudSurph account and must state relationship to the minor. CloudSurph does not allow anyone under the age 18 to use any service that CloudSurph offers.

Billing agreement

The agreement that the customer agrees upon is month to month. The customer must create a CloudSurph account with a valid email address. The customer agrees to pay the monthly price accepted by the customer. The first invoice is sent after the customers’ first purchase of a service, thereafter monthly invoices are sent. Monthly invoices are sent to the customer at the beginning of a month or on the date that the customer purchased the service. Payment must be made within five days after the invoice is sent. Customers must endure all taxes where applicable.

Billing arrangements

Payments must be made out to CloudSurph. CloudSurph accepts many major debit or credit cards as well as Paypal. To prevent errors and confusion customers who decide to pay with PayPal will pay with only one Paypal account per CloudSurph account. Other forms of payment may be accepted but will need approval by our customer support team. Customers must make arrangements for payment and are held responsible for all payments. Customers who do not make payments within five days after invoice may have their account on suspension until full payment is made. To confirm payment verification customers may be contacted via phone. Customers will be notified by email up to three times before suspension occurs. CloudSurph has the right to bring legal action in collecting the full amount due which may include an attorney, which the customer will have to endure attorney fees. Customers with suspended accounts may have their servers powered off until payment has been made. Customers that do not respond or finalize suspended payments may have their servers terminated. Customers must have accurate personal and business information which must be identifiable. CloudSurph reserves the right to delete or limit the customer’s access at any time without prior notice. In the event of deletion of an account, the customer is held responsible for any balance left on their account as well as any fees that may have been endured by CloudSurph (attorney fee, etc.). If the customer fails to bear these terms of service it may cause unlawful results or cause any damage to CloudSurph, other customers or any third party.

Refunds and Cancelation

CloudSurph reserves the right to terminate, suspend or limit access to the customer’s account at any time with or without notice. CloudSurph does not have an exchange or switch program meaning that if a customer would like to change their service from one to another, a refund must be processed and then the customer may purchase the other service. If the customer would like to cancel their service they can do so at any time through CloudSurph customer support. In the event of a cancelation, CloudSurph will give the customer 30 days after the initial date to cancel their service and get a full refund if the service provided is inadequate or not up to market standard, for a full refund the customer must provide proof for poor service. Services that are refundable are any server plans. CloudSurph reserves the right to refund a partial or non-refund of the following services: any service that violated our TOS and AUP agreement purchased, any fees that were applied before, during or after payment, and dedicated hosting plan, any certificate issued. CloudSurph reserves the right to deny access to any account with a balance that is greater than $0.00 or has violated our TOS and AUP. any special promos we only offer a full refund within a 30 day period after the 30 day purchase the customer may not receive any refund.


If the customer has an issue or a dispute CloudSurph will acknowledge it. With the time and cost associated with proceedings, CloudSurph and the customer will agree to handle the dispute in the most reasonable and honest way by following our policy. The case may pertain to Clousurphs’ website, this agreement, services that CloudSurph offers, a breach of contract in many cases that involve this contract or a dispute between the customer and CloudSurph. The customer should first contact CloudSurph customer support in an honest manner by email or written letter via mail to discuss the issue. CloudSurph is allowed 30 days to resolve or respond to the dispute.

Usage of network

Customers that use any service that CloudSurph offers must not violate CloudSurphs guidelines. CloudSurphs terms and guidelines include all applicable provisions of law, not limited to certain forbidden items such as Invasion of privacy, distributing child pornography, any form of forgery including identity theft, misdirection and interference between electronic communications, collecting substantial information from minors or unfitting data collection activities, violating the CANSPAM Act of 2003, money laundering, wire fraud, terrorism activities, security violations or profiting from fraud or dishonest schemes including false advertising and propagating. Customers will accept the affirmative requirements of the law governing Network use, not limited to such as disclosure of requirements, regarding notification of security breaches, maintenance records for industries that are regulated and safeguards of financial institutions. The customer cannot use any dedicated IP order in place of the IP address given by Cloudsurph, any other form of IP may be subject to IP justification. Justification practices are subject to change to remain in acceptance of the American Registry for internet numbers (ARIN). Cloudsurph terms reserve the right to deny any dedicated IP request be it on insufficient justification or current IP utilization.

Violations with the usage of network

Customers of CloudSurph will not use CloudSurphs’ network for any violations not limited to: any federal or state law, any copyright, trademark, anti-piracy, patent or academic property law including regulation, encouraging others to violate any law or regulation, any person’s privacy rights including defamatory statements that can harass or embarrass anyone or violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. If any of these or some that are not mentioned are violated, CloudSurph will suspend or terminate the customer’s account without refund. We reserve the right to request a $25 deposit fee per IP address to prevent the abuse of IP reputation.