How to set up a MAMP server on Windows 10, MAMP server setup on Windows 10

We’ve seen how a WAMP server can be set up on Windows 10 and a Mamp server setup on windows 10

Just like the WAMP server, there are a number of software bundles that may be stacked to create an application development and testing environment.

As with the WAMP server configuration and setup, this time we will go into how the MAMP can be made operational on your computer.

But before that let’s look at some details that will help us understand its functions and how it differs from the WAMP software.

What is a MAMP server?

The MAMP is a stack of open-source software and programming tools that can be used to set up a local server environment compatible with macOS and Windows.

The purpose is to equip developers with the relevant set of tools to create a virtual development and testing environment focused on WordPress.

This may seem very much similar to the usage of the WAMP server, but it also differs in certain ways. Most importantly.

The WAMP is specifically designed to be configured with Windows OS as the name suggests.

The MAMP server, although made for the macOS, can also be configured on Windows for the same purpose.

The components of the MAMP server

Again, the name of the software is an acronym derived from the components that are a major part of the server.

For the application to function effectively, it needs a compatible OS, a web server, database, and programming language.

These components are MacOS X, Apache, MySQL, and PHP respectively. NGinx may be used interchangeably with Apache while recommended substitutes.

May also be used for both database management and programming tools.

MAMP server setup on Windows 10

Although the primary difference between MAMP and WAMP is the operating system where they can be configured.

We will show how a MAMP server setup on Windows 10 can be carried out just by following a few steps.

As with the WAMP server, there are not as many prerequisites to run the MAMP server on Windows 10. You just need to ensure that you have a 64 bit Intel CPU and no other web servers are running on your machine.

The download and set up process

  1. The download kit is prepackaged for both Windows and macOS.

Since we are running the setup for Windows you can go directly to the relevant download kit by clicking here

mamp server setup on windows 10


2. Once the download kit is retrieved, go to the Downloads folder on your computer and double click on the folder setup_MAMP_MAMP_PRO_4.x.exe


3. The Windows installer will launch and run you through the installation process.

Note: The downloaded setup files will contain both the MAMP and MAMP PRO folders. During the installation wizard, you may ignore the MAMP PRO folder since we only want to setup the MAMP server. Do not check the boxes as in the picture below.

mamp server setup on windows 10

4. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click “next”.

mamp server setup on windows 10

5.The default destination for the installation directory would be C:\MAMP. Click “Next” After this is assigned.

mamp server setup on windows 10


6. Installation will be complete after the default start menu folder is selected.

mamp server setup on windows 10


7. Close the setup wizard and you can now launch the MAMP application on your computer.

But first, a dialog box will ask permission to allow Firewall access for the server. Allow access to public and private networks.

mamp server setup on windows 10


Launch and configuration

The server will be launched by clicking on the “Start servers” power button. A quick close is enabled that turns the servers offline if you close the MAMP window.

mamp server setup on windows 10

By clicking on the  “ Open Start Page “ button you will be taken to the main page where you can customize configurations and user preferences.

Once that is done, you have your own WordPress testing and development application on Windows 10.

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