The Comparison of Typescript vs JavaScript Functionality and Use Cases. What is the difference between Typescript and JavaScript?  So, here we try to give a detailed answer, with all the advantages, disadvantages, and use cases of Typescript and JavaScript and The Comparison of Typescript vs JavaScript, Functionality and Use Cases.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language exactly designed for web development. It is an essential part of web applications and it enables interactive web pages. It does not need to interact with hardware since all actions happen in the browser for the application. JavaScript is often combined with REST APIs, XML, and other technologies.

What’s the purpose of JavaScript?

The most popular software development language is JavaScript right now. The argument behind building a web-specific language makes a lot of sense.

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Hence, as web platforms became more complex, they needed to process a lot of actions simultaneously and react to users’ interactions.

So, the main reason for using JavaScript is the choice to build responsive, fast, and highly interactive pages.

What is Typescript?

Typescript can be stated as an improved version of JavaScript with increased readability, intuitive interface, static compilation, and typing.

So, the intention behind creating JavaScript was to simplify the development process. Also, it helps developers deliver a cleaner codebase and it is a superset of JS, not a standalone language.

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In this stage, we have probably seen this subset if we have worked with Angular 2.0.  or Other JS frameworks following examples of Angular and implement Typescript support as well.

Therefore, the main difference between TypeScript is that it is strongly typed or that it supports static typing.

So, we can say that Static typing allows checking type correctness at the compile time and is not available in JavaScript.

Advantages of Typescript

It is not an essential change Using a Typescript. We can define four key advantages of the Typescript, these are the most beneficial ones, practically speaking follow as below:

1. Optional Static Typing

Typescript treated the error solution in a very smartly way. For this reason, users can switch to static typing to limit the types of a variable. So, we can switch between static and dynamic typing for different projects and it is the main difference between JavaScript and Typescript.

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  • Static typing Code is structured and uniform
  • Static typing system automatically catches mistakenly entered types before the application enters the runtime stage
  • Static typing strictness of limitations can be decreased: you can use dynamic typing in some pieces of functionality
2. Improved Readability

JavaScript offers a few readability add-ons, that offer much less built-in functionality and a lot of errors need to be detected manually.

However, static reading alone is a huge step towards increased code organization. So, it is not the only way in which Typescript improved the readability of JavaScript. In particular, we can define like below more other changes.

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  • Early bug detection
  • Stable code
  • Defined types
3. Intellisense

IntelliSense offers options for automatic code completion; By hovering over a method’s name, we will see the properties and parameters of objects; Developers can set up hotkeys that will access detailed descriptions of an instrument.

So, the concept of the tool is great, but its execution is far from perfect now and developers often face issues with integrating IntelliSense with their JavaScript codebases.

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IntelliSense helped us speed up many projects it has great potential, so even if it’s not the most reliable solution out there.

Now, we can say this is why we think it’s still a valid advantage, despite some evident drawbacks.

4. New Features

JavaScript has great functionality and ecosystem, but several important features are not present other side Typescript took inspiration from other languages, to deliver higher reliability including static-typed ones.

  • Type annotation
  • Generics
  • Improved API documentation

Typescript offers so much extensions and integrations that are not available in ordinary JavaScript and it is an upgrade over an existing and quite rich JavaScript ecosystem that allows developers to be even faster.

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