An Alternative For Zoom Meeting:

The alternative for zoom meeting: It is famously said that change is the only true constant in life. This could not be any more true than we are witnessing in the year 2020. Life itself, as we know it changed.

The outbreak of a global pandemic changed the way we live and work.

Perhaps what changes most after months of uncertainty is how we communicate and interact with those around us.

Social distancing has reluctantly adopted by the masses.

But in order to maintain some sense of normalcy, individuals and corporations have come up with innovative alternatives.

That compensates for the effects of economic and social lockdown.

This helps many businesses operate within the safety guidelines defined by health professionals and the WHO.

Meanwhile, people have also safely maintains social contact with family and friends with the help of technology.

Rising demand for communications solutions

While the loss of revenues forces many businesses to lay off employees.

They save from a complete shut down with the help of technology that facilitates work from home and video conferencing.

While some even saw this as an opportunity to move operations online.

Educational institutions were quick to adapt to online learning using the same technology, thus allowing teachers and instructors to keep their jobs.

The use of communication technology been seen

One of the very popular apps that made online communication reliable enough is Zoom.

Zoom is an online video conferencing app that was highly rated.

And came out as a very popular solution to the problems encountered as a result of social distancing.

The drawbacks of available conferencing apps

The number of users has grown by the millions and so have critics of the Zoom app.

Privacy of information and security are the main concerns that users have shares.

This has considering significant given that information shared over the app may be sensitive or crucial to the business that uses it.

Governments, hospitals, and media outlets have also been relying on communications applications on unprecedented scales and information security is a top concern.

With video conferencing tools in high demand and privacy concerns associated with available communications solutions.

People are seeking an alternative to the Zoom meeting.

Jitsi meet

alternative for zoom meeting

An alternative for zoom meeting

Preference given to programs that allow users to customize and launch their own communications apps and Jitsi is one such platform that is gaining popularity.

Jitsi is an open-source project that comprises multiple programs that can stack in order to set up a video communications application.

It is compatible with all mainstream operating systems and lets users choose from a set of features they want as part of their customizes Jitsi conferencing app.

Deploying Jitsi is easy

All the necessary tools are available at the point of download on the Jitsi page.

Users may add them onto the server where they plan to launch the app as per requirement.

The essentials require prior to launch are root access to the server while the components are Jitsi Meet and Jitsi VideoBridge.

Other components that you may choose to add on your video conferencing app are HipChat, Stride, and HighFive, to name a few.

Most add ons develop by Jitsi and are either free to install or available.

As a premium service for businesses and individuals who require an alternative to Zoom Meeting.

A major contributor to the popularity of Jitsi is some of its features that are business and education-friendly.

These features include desktop/presentation sharing, collaboration editing, and layered encryption to secure the communication and sharing lines on the app.

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