Open port check from a Linux terminal

In this article, I’m going to teach you that how to check for open ports using a terminal.

As if you want to check that you have to pay a lot of attention to the open port to detect an intrusion.

So for that go to your terminal shell prompt or press control.

You can use any of the commands given above.

But here I am going to use the second one so the first way that I’m going to teach you is using the net state command.

So for that need space then type – antplF here F should capital nowhere you’ll find a column that says local address and

Unless local address section, you find the open for CEO looking for so 53


is open port then under that 22 is the open port and 631 is the open portal ideal open portal.

And cause to see that state says listen that means the ports open now.

If the local address localhost then the port can access from outside your local machine.

Now there is another way of looking for the open ports and that is used in there so for that you have to open another terminal.

Now to use Nmap you will have to install it first and you have to close the other terminal for that now to install in map type Sudo apt-get install

In the press enter now type your password (clear).

Password is always dependent upon you that what it is anyhow let’s move to the topic again.

After entering the password it’s done now that if it installs.

Now go to the other page for checking open ports and running to the other page.

Now check for open ports using a map you have to type in Nmap- open.

Then the IP address of your PC or the IP address you want to check for open ports

So I’m going to type my IP address nowhere under this session.

Do you find the open ports as you can see port 22 states open service SSH.

so this is how it shows to open ports now let me open a previous terminal to compare this to remember.

As a say nested shows only the ports that can access locally or the port that access from our serial local machine.

But when using Nmap open command it only shows the ports that can access from outside.

As you can see port 22 is shown both invested and involved now there is a lot you can do with these two commands.

Hopefully, this article will helpful for you.

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