There are a vast number of Windows hosting options offered by as many service providers.

This is likely to confuse inexperienced users who are not sure what kind of support and features they will require for their websites.

New users may even find themselves overwhelmed with the information they find on the internet, which may put them off altogether.

This is an attempt to help such users decide on what kind of hosting features will suit them best, specifically Windows hosting.

So many options to choose from:

Various factors will determine what operating system is the best to suit for web hosting of a particular website.

The type of hosting, such as share, VPS, or dedicated hosting also has considered.

Since the subject here is the operating system for hosting a website, let’s take a look at the options from that perspective.

Linux is the most popular operating system to host a website.

if you are not going to rely on technology that is support by or designed to be compatible with Windows OS.

A major factor that contributes to the popularity of Linux is its availability as open-source software.

Web hosting services thus do not need to pay licensing fees for Linux based web hosting servers.

And this, in turn, allows them to offer these servers to clients at much cheaper prices.

Windows hosting:

This term is quite simply used to refer to websites that are host through the Windows operating system.

WH plans are best utilized by users who intend to operate unique applications developed by Microsoft. Such as Active Server Pages.

If a website intends to develop using Microsoft FrontPage.

Then once again Windows hosting will provide a one-stop solution for all of a client’s website hosting needs.

More about Windows hosting:

It is clear that WH is best adapted for websites developed using Microsoft specified software.

While Linux is compatible with other open-source operating systems like PHP and MySQL.

So, the biggest advantage of having a website based on a $5 Windows VPS is that it utilizes the familiar Windows OS which makes it fairly easy to operate for most.

Another plus of Windows hosting from a business perspective is that tech support professionals and personnel to handle windows compatible tools are easily available for recruitment.

Maintaining and updating Windows-based programs also becomes much easier with access to professional help.

Plesk control panel:

Windows Hosting in $5

Windows Hosting

Plesk is the Windows equivalent of the Linux based cPanel.

Plesk offers a more user-friendly interface experience to users. Website changes and updates can easily maintain through Plesk.

Additionally, users who are familiar with WH can opt for the default Windows Server Hosting Interface


It may seem like Windows licensing and dedicated features mean a hefty price tag for users of Windows-based hosting services.

That is certainly not the case.

Although Linux hosting is clearly cheaper, a $5 Windows VPS plan can acquire for comparatively enhanced features that make this hosting service unique in its own way.