What is Terraform?

Terraform is an open-source tool originally developed by HashiCorp that enables you to automate and manage your infrastructure and platform, and services as well.

It does all of this using declarative language and that’s the first thing we’re going to focus on when we go through our example to go through with it.

So, I generally like to start with an example here.

So, say you’re driving in your car, trying to get from point A to point B.

Generally, you would follow a set of instructions, right? So, going from point A to point B, you have to take a left turn, get on the highway, take this exit – you end up at your destination.

Now, that’s kind of an imperative approach to automation.

How to install and use it on AWS EC2

In this article, we will see how to install terraform on Amazon Linux okay this approach we can follow for all like any Linux servers for this.

We should create one easy instance which is tito dot micro it is using the Amazon Linux AMI okay to install data from on the ec2 on this ec2 instance.

we are going to log in to this server now the next step is to copy the public id of the server by using the best two connectors.

So the pam file is a disk in on desktop so as now moving to desktop to connect this server you should use the “Ssh -I terraform_pam ec2 user” by default.

The username received by the ec2 user or that IP address after that you will be successfully able to connect.

For the server here you need to install terraform before going to install first there is a need to check.

Whether it already installs or not terraform version see here terraform command.


Now installing first we need to go to any browser go to google and search for terraforming download open the first link https://www.terraform.io/  is officially set to download.

The new terraform versions go down here choose the Linux flavor 64 bit here give a right-click on that.

And copy the link address software okay go to our base and type duplicate space that links address see there.

You will get download the zip file terraform zip file just need to extract this zip file for this unzip.

That zip file name we need to press enter here extracts the data from an executable file if you see here this is.

The executable file just needs to move this executable file to the user local bin directory for this move terraform to the user local bin, okay if you see here permission denied.

It came so we need to use sudo before that command okay after moving the terraform to the user local bin we can try terraform –version see here terraform the latest version now download.

This is how you can install terraform on Amazon Linux so thank you.

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