What is bare metal and should you use it

Bare Metal (or Bare Machine) is the term for performing operations directly on the computer hardware, they are computers without operating system, without a hyper-visor, without middle-ware equipment. Bare Metal is the second most common variant. Here, the VM software (hyper-visor) communicates directly with the system hardware without any intermediate host operating system In cloud computing, bare-metal deals, among other things, help to reduce license fees for virtualization techniques.

 What can I use the bare-metal server for?

AS a VPS :

The vps enables the server to used as a key job platform through a remote link, for instance, to make work procedures more efficient.

However it is possible to set up the VPN platform as an intranet and to handle essential business information.

As a database server :

Using a dedicated server hosting company as a database server may be helpful for large amounts of data. The machine is therefore used to process large amounts of data exclusively.

As a game server :

Impressive for gamer who want to create their play landscape to play with other gamer around the world. However a physical machine has much higher speed rates than a VM shared on a large chassis with noisy neighbors.

As a web server :

For high-quality websites with a lot of content and likely high visitor numbers and therefore high usage, a dedicated server recommended consider that a CPU entirely dedicated to the server itself alone provides headroom.

What are the advantages of a bare metal server?

  1. The latency-sensitive workload

Bare metal cloud eliminates virtual machines and their visualized networks and I / O-related latency. The workload requiring the highest latency is one of the most vigorous use cases for bare metal clouds.

  1. A dedicated hardware

Cloud-based bare Metal offers a way to deploy workloads requiring dedicated performance and isolation hardware and all the operational advantages of a virtual infrastructure.

  1. High-load economics

Although virtual cloud pricing continues to decrease,Hence for settings with big virtual machines and heavy-duration workloads, bare-metal clouds may be cheaper per workload.

Some other benefits

  • reliable performance
  • entire performance exclusively for one user
  • unlimited root access
  • fixed IP address

What disadvantages does the bare metal server have?

Administrative expenses

Therefore another minus point may be the administrative task. This is higher for shared products or servers that managed.

Administrative work needed for the time being to start a web project: install the operating system, partition the components of the hardware, and set up the necessary web server services. Before you can begin building the real internet project, all this must be thoroughly regarded and carried out.

 Non-extensible hardware components

You should consider precisely what hardware combination you need for the scheduled project when selecting the dedicated server hosting company.

It is no longer feasible to upgrade the hardware with hindsight. It’s time to get a more robust server when you achieve the hardware’s boundaries. To do this, it is necessary to order a new server and restore the current platform.


Therefore if we compare “bare-metal” to a virtual server, a cost difference will be notice. Since the hardware is not share with other users and therefore costs cannot be minimize, the bare metal server is usually more expensive.

Thus, At cloudsurph.com we offer customized bare metal servers with managed services as an option. However having direct raw access to hardware provides a range of freedoms to ensure you maximize your idea potential.