The global effect of the Coronavirus on Cloud hosting services:

The world has been caught in the middle of a health crisis.

A pandemic that is endangering the human way of life all over the planet. But more than the health risks post by the virus itself.

There is a much larger threat lingering over all of humanity.

With the world bringing together all resources to find a cure for the Coronavirus while attending to the already infected nearly a million people globally.

All major economic activities have come to a halt.

Impact on the global economy:

With no end in sight to the medical emergency, there is, unfortunately, an economic crisis looming nearby.

Even more sadly, this can’t avert because the halt of economic activities is actually a measure to implement social distancing.

The WHO prescribed social distancing as the only means to contain the virus from spreading further.

Easier said than done since people everywhere are violating these directives to stay indoors and thus leading to an increase in the number of affected people.

Mostly all international travel stopped.

The limited number of people flying are those going back home only after they have clear as virus-free.

International orders have sealed and closely monitored to restrict unnecessary movement.

Since people aren’t being let out of their homes because it’s in their best interest, there are many who will suffer financially as a result of this preventive measure.

People are losing jobs and those on wages are facing significant pay cuts.

How are cloud hosting services affected by the crisis?

It may be hard to believe that there is some calm during all of this chaos around us. But there is! Just like there is hope.

Cloud hosting services in Washington D.C. and all around the world seemingly unaffected while they strive to deliver the best of services in the most difficult of times.


How do we manage this?

A cloud hosting connection can establish very easily over the internet.

Clients can choose from a variety of packages that design to meet their requirements while all transactions can’t complete online.

Since data centers used by cloud hosting servers are spread across multiple locations along with sufficient backup servers.

There is no chance for an interruption in service.

Cloud hosting services in Washington DC  have always believed in minimal human activity at their data centers to ensure safety and integrity of client’s servers.

In the time of this crisis, this policy also ensures that relevant employees not exposed to the health risks that are threatening other businesses to cut down operations.

The well being of all employees, technicians and relevant staff is vital to ensure millions of cloud clients will stay connects.


Why is continuity of services so much more important than ever before?

corona virus

Corona Virus

People from all walks of life have come together to show us that humanity can be at it’s best when it is in the darkest of times.

People are setting marvellous trends of generosity and care for those in need.

Health care workers and medical response teams have taken the front lines and are working against the clocks in life threatening conditions to save as many lives as they can.

While cloud services have also stressed the importance of mobility achieve by cloud servers, people working from their homes are realizing the necessity of this.

They are able to continue their jobs from home to ensure they will get paid.

Students can continue to learn and take lessons online.

Scientists and researchers are working against time during this trial, to make sure we are safe.

Information share from safe distances over the internet in the hopes that we will soon overcome this crisis on our hands.

Until then, it’s best to be reading this while staying at home