AI enables you to Automate Cloud Hosting duties that have been deemed human features, such as vision, teaching, or speech, until now.

It is a discipline that has been with us for centuries but that has highlighted computing ability.

Information accessibility and fresh algorithms and instruments in particular in the latest years.

But there’s another technological progress that makes it easier to exploit these variables and takes AI to a different level: the cloud.

The “cloud” is an Internet metaphor and relates to the idea of accessing, storing and interacting directly through the network with servers, pictures and many other computing facilities.

That cluster of elements, that gigantic infrastructure that we can not imagine ends up being called the cloud.

It is not a physical thing close to our true place but a virtual world with many possibilities through automation.

The connectivity between AI and cloud computing:

In a easy and flexible manner cloud services sold through Amazon, Google or Microsoft give us a variety of choices ranging from creating virtual machines to using products as a service, for instance, databases.

They were originally intended to provide infrastructure but gradually covered other requirements.

Such as storing and processing Big Data, Business Intelligence, or even the Internet of Things.

This evolution led vendors to include one of today’s hottest technological as well: AI.

AI will be the core part of cloud computing in near future, especially neural networks. But how let’s see below.

Process automation thanks to AI:

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Automate Cloud Hosting

The AI will contribute to process automation as 80% of the activities are very repetitive and it could be taken care of by the machines.

This would allow operating teams to concentrate on the most precious duties and require a greater level of creativity.

The clearer tendency of the future is to simplify duties.

And for this simplification, AI is going to play a major role.

But how AI will change  the future of cloud computing:

Google CEO Sundar Pichay expressed his conviction that we are shifting from the mobile computing globe to the AI world.

While cloud technologies are already the main factor in AI, how are they going to alter the AI world?

The cloud will use AI’s capacities to alter and expand current services and it will transform many areas of technology,

such as computing and storage, and integrate them with software models as a service (Software as a Service, Saas).

As a service platform (Platform as a Service), to bring fresh advantages and possibilities.

The bottom line:

The IDC report on the cognitive machine industry predicts a value of $31 billion by 2019.

Simultaneously, Forester predicts that in 2017 the complete market for cloud computing will reach $146 billion.

By signing a cloud acceleration contract with Huawei, Orange emphasized its dedication to the cloud as a basis for AI and much more.

I think the cloud’s future is inextricably related to AI, complementing each other and bringing the world closer to digital transformation.