What is the difference between Typescript and JavaScript?  So, here we try to give a detailed answer, with all the Ecosystem, NPM package, Prototyping, Compilation, and Community of Typescript and JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language exactly designed for web development. It is an essential part of web applications and it enables interactive web pages. It does not need to interact with hardware since all actions happen in the browser for the application. JavaScript is often combined with REST APIs, XML, and other technologies.

What is Typescript?

Typescript can be stated as an improved version of JavaScript with increased readability, intuitive interface, static compilation, and typing.

So, the intention behind creating JavaScript was to simplify the development process. Also, it helps developers deliver a cleaner codebase and it is a superset of JS, not a standalone language.

In this stage, we have probably seen this subset if we have worked with Angular 2.0.  or Other JS frameworks following examples of Angular and implement Typescript support as well.

Therefore, the main difference between TypeScript is that it is strongly typed or that it supports static typing.

So, we can say that Static typing allows checking type correctness at the compile time and is not available in JavaScript.

The difference between Typescript and JavaScript

On the face of it, the distinctions between JS and Typescript are not entirely in Typescript’s favor. Sometimes it increasing the functionality and the level of complexity comes at a cost.

So, let’s take a look at other technical aspects given below:


Typescript’s ecosystem is hugely based on JavaScript achievements. In additional possibilities like static typing created space for self-generating documentation, improved code maintenance APIs, and bug identification, and inspired open-source developers to build multiple Typescript integrations.

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On the other hand, nowadays Typical JavaScript is the most popular development language. That’s why the number of frameworks, APIs, and IDEs for JavaScript definitely exceeds the number of tools that support Typescript.

So, if you are looking for frameworks, you will see quickly that most do not provide high-quality support for Typescript.

Essentially, you will be limited to Angular and Nest.js. After then we can say, JavaScript gives a much higher versatility.

Npm package

Basically, Typescript supports NPM packages and Node.js. So, you can install Node.js components to mix the view of both backend and frontend codebases.

Now, you can also integrate Typescript with Node.js – here you will benefit from the same advantages like static typing, automated documentation, and garbage collecting – however, it is only for the backend.


Prototypes always allow a developer to clone objects and their values. Prototypes also allow copying the entire availability of functionality with a single action.

To build a prototype in Typescript, developers need first to understand which classes will make it up, define roles for each of them, and find ways to connect different patterns.

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Difference between Typescript and JavaScript


JavaScript is a web-specialized language that doesn’t have to be compiled into the machine code the same way as generic languages. On the other hand, Typescript should be compiled into binary code.

So, there are many solutions for Typescript compilation and the more popular option is to install Typescript through the Node Package Manager.

When you run Typescript in conjunction with NPM, the language will automatically be compiled into the machine code.


This year, Typescript ranked in the 9th position, entering the list of 10 Most Popular Programming Languages for the first time.

So, it is more popular than Objective-C, Swift, Go, and many others. The impetus for the Typescript market indicates rapid growth, and the community also has become a lot more.

JavaScript’s community is doing even better than others. Also, the language has been ranked as the most popular software development language for several years.

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There are many user-created tools and excess in the world and the choice of frameworks, APIs, and IDEs for JavaScript is a lot larger than for Typescript.

So, when you use Typescript, you do not exist traditional JavaScript community. However, you can make an additional limitation.

Even though it is technically a subset of a language, you won’t be able to use classical JavaScript tools, unless they support Typescript as well.

Finally, we have covered the essential differences between Typescript and JavaScript, and these aspects amount to various use cases, where both tools would fit well.

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