How to Access Your Windows VPS with an Android Device? In this digital world, you need to run your VPS with an Android device.

So, if you need to run with an Android device then you need to access your Windows VPS through an Android device.

Now, this article will guide you step by step on How to Access Your Windows VPS with an Android Device through Remote Desktop.

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The steps are below:

1) Firstly, you need to download an RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) for Android.

We can choose 2X Remote Desktop Client App, nowadays this is the most popular for the connect VPS through an Android Device.

So, from the below link you download and install the app: IF you want then buy a good, reliable, secure WordPress web hosting service  from here: click here

2) When you completely installed this Application you can use it to connect your VPS.

3) Now open your App and select RDP Connection

4) Here, you will need some details about your VPS

– Firstly, place your VPS hostname (enter hostname to the first input field)

– Secondly, the Server address where you need to enter the VPS IP address

– Thirdly, enter your VPS user name which is the VPS root username

– Fourthly, enter your Password which is the VPS root password

– Other, options you can leave as the default setting

5) If you want then you can save this access for this device if needed then go App menu button and tap save.

6) Finally, just click Connect from the App top right corner. That’s it!

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