If you are surfing through a public wi-fi hotpots , a malicious user could capture and evaluate all traffic. The solution is a vpn tunnel (vpn server)- an encrypted connection (vpn) to another, trusted network through which all data packets flow.

There are a number of free and paid programs and providers for this – from free tools (or variants) such as hotpots shield, tunnel bear to paid for solutions such as cyber ghost vpn or PC world anonymous surfing vpn . furthermore you rely on your own network at home.

Also you set up an encrypted vpn connection there, you have the added benefit of being able to access all of your (turned on) computers and other network devices.

Further in this article we will discuss how to create a vpn server in windows 10.

With windows 10 we can create a vpn server to be able to use it remotely with our devices. Let’s see how to create it:

  • We start with opening the run tool
  • Now we write the following command ”ncpa.cpl”. And press enter
  • Once inside the list of adapters, we will have to press the ” alt ” key to activate the task-bar of the window
  • Click on ” file -> new incoming connection “
  • To start the procedure we must select which users can connect to the vpn of this equipment. We recommend creating a new one to use it exclusively for this
  • Also we click on ” add someone …”
  • We write the information about the new user
  • We will click on ” next ” when we have finished now we must decide how the users will connect, further if we activate ” through the internet ” we will have the possibility to connect from any computer, wherever we are
  • Now click on next
  • in next window we click on ” internet protocol version 4 ” and also click on ” properties “.


Furthermore we can assign the IP address automatically to the devices that are connected, or assign them some within a certain range.

Also We leave dhcp by default and click on ” next “, Now we will be indicated that the name of the team that we can use to access the network, or the public IP.

Firewall configuration [next step]

Router configuration [next step]

Build vpn connection in windows 10 create a VPN server

  • Click windows and the network and internet icon .
  • In the network and internet window, click the vpn icon.
  • In the vpn window, click the add vpn connection link.
  • On the next page, enter the address of the vpn server and the name of the connection: click save.
  • A new window will open, click the connect button.

Also this is the way to create and  connect a vpn connection in windows 10. The really useful thing would be to have a router that was able to create your own vpn.

How to create vpn server on linux virtual machine

Moreover Simple Steps to create VPN server on Linux

  • Install OpenVPN and EasyRSA
  • Configure the EasyRSA
  • Create the Server Certificate and Encryption Files
  • Generate a Client Certificate and Key Pair
  • Configure the OpenVPN Service
  • Adjust the Server Networking Configuration
  • Start and Enable the OpenVPN Service
  • Create the Client Configuration Infrastructure
  • Generate Client Configurations
  • Install the Client Configuration