How Downtime Can Affect Service & Disrupt Business?

It goes without saying that downtime of any sort is intolerable for an Affect Service & Disrupt Business

Even with virtually infallible networking infrastructure, a business will have backup plans to fall back on, to ensure online integrity not compromise.

This is due to a lack of trust in service providers’ commitment to ensuring connectivity that never disrupts because of downtime.

Clients that effect by failing connections to their servers, have so much to lose that it has long been standard practice to have a backup plan.

This means valuable time and resources dedicated away from operational activities, towards securing online integrity.

The Impact Of Downtime

Assuming that a business is not making use of the best cloud services provider in Maryland.

Downtime is a frequent occurrence that is disrupting productivity.

While leaving it to expose to a wider array of problems that will collectively threaten the continuity of the business.

Loss Of Revenues Generated Online:-

affect service

Affect Service

Virtually every business is online to make the most of the larger market that is accessible on the world wide web.

Whether you are selling a product or offering a service, websites and applications have made placing orders and booking services.

As easy as pushing a few buttons on your phone or computer.

A broken connection means delays in processing already book orders and services.

In e-commerce, a bad experience means cancel orders, hefty refunds or compensations, and a negative review.

The Loss Of Brand Integrity:-

If somehow you make it up to the clients for all this, there are new users logging on to the website seeing a message like “we are fixing our website”. Are they coming back?

Although not a financial implication of network downtime, but the loss of brand value/integrity is far more damaging to a business.

In fact, it is very hard to recover from brand damage, Server outage gives competitors an edge in capturing the lost value instantly.

Loss Of Data:-

Server downtime always carries with it the risk of data loss.

Although the best cloud hosting service provider in Maryland provides data backup features as part of their server plans.

Unexpect server failure will create an opportunity for cyber theft and data damage.

Data security should always test from the managerial or administrative perspective.

But this is one aspect that may bother a customer or a client more than the business since it’s their information or data on the line.

An individual acquiring the services or products of a business will not take any chances with information being lost or carelessly used.

Breach Of Service & Legal Ramifications

Clients or customers may use inaccessible services or service features of an online business as a breach of the agreement.

While this may be covered under an SLA payout clause.

frequent occurrences of service shortages resulting from network downtime may result in mediation from the law and unfavorable legal obligations.

The Per-Minute Cost Of Downtime

With online business activity becoming mainstream and increasingly contributing to revenues from “offline” activities.

network downtime should treat no differently than it is traditionally for a broken machine or an idle workforce.

According to Gartner, the average cost of network downtime is $5,600 per minute and amounts to $300,000 per hour.

These figures will vary depending on organizational size and scope.

Staying off the network is just too expensive.