If you are suspicious of a hacking activity on your WordPress website, it can be nerve-damaging knowledge. Till you know for sure, you cannot condition the cause, or the solution and we learn How to remove malware from a WordPress website. You try WordPress web hosting service from us.

Surprise, how to remove malware from WordPress website?

Don’t worry, we will help you remove malware from your WordPress, find out the cause, and save you any problems of the future.

At first, the thing to do is scan your website.

If you scan your website, then you will confirm if your WordPress website is transited with malware.

It’s important to know this kind of information because malware attacks can wreak havoc and cause explosions with your WordPress website.

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If it is not identified in time. Malware can stay hideaway on your WordPress website.

It will redirect your users to another, show to them dirty content, break off your credentials.

This is here sounds like an incubus, but there are many solutions.

We are going to show you strictly how to fix this condition by deleting malware from your WordPress website successfully.

How to Identify Malware attack on Your WordPress website?

It is not easy to identify malware from your website as it sounds.

You already got noticed if your website is attacked by Malware or something goes corrupted.

It is true that malware is confidential and it will hide your admin dashboard easily.

Also for this reason your user redirects to spam. So, how to know if your website goes to attack with malware?

You can scan your website this is the best way. Also, there are some symptoms and you are confirming that your website was attacked by malware.

Below we discuss some symptoms:

Spam results for your WordPress website on Google

Contain your Meta Description by junk values as like pharmaceuticals or unrelated keywords.

Google indexing some unwanted pages that do not exist on your WordPress Website.

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When you search your website the search result will show unwanted Japanese characters.

When visitors visit your website they see the site may be hacked notice and waring.

Also, appear red notices that your website goes to Goggle backlisted.


Visible issues on your WordPress website

Unfortunately, Malware can play destruction your WordPress Website although sometimes your maximum visitor is visible on your website.

Sometimes you cannot see all symptoms as you stay admin.

When you clicked on google and you see spam pages, you observe the traffic goes to spam websites.

All pages are phishing content and text design and extract access from visitors.

Pop-Up shows your website when affected your website.

Malicious redirect another link and show take a few minutes.

Code structure appears on your page and breaks your page.

Another symptom us your page will show a white blank page or nothing to show.

Users, files, or database change in your website

Wp-admin user setting change if your WordPress website is attacked by Malware.

Without an activity log, it will impossible to know where the changes.

Malware can itself enter anywhere and changes code structure like theme files and plugin files.

Post, pages are changed and create new posts and pages, google also indexing those pages or posts.

Unauthorized privilege is user-created and upgraded where you see admin name and email.

Without warning, configurations are changed by core files like the .htaccess file and index.php file.

Your website is affected by malware then the server first responds as like message show Suspended your website.

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Website Performance issues

If your website is affected, then malware can slow the performance of your website.

Also, you might show 503 and 504 errors

Where is malware located on your WordPress website?

Almost everywhere show redirect something on your website, you will see something given below:

The wp_options table see site_url parameter.

The root wp-content folder sees fake plugins.

Also, you see some changes to the .htaccess file.

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Especially check the wp-content folder in the function.php file

Look at wp-posts and wp-pages for phishing content or any unwanted text.

Other places you need to check Core files, like wp-load.php, wp-config.php, wp-login.php,  index.php, .htaccess etc, and folders like wp-uploads and wp-includes

Remove Malware from Your WordPress website.

How to remove malware from your WordPress website manually?

There is a different option for removing malware from your WordPress website.

At first, you need access to connect FTP or login cPanel. Now login and go to the file manager folder.

Go to your website directory and delete every file and folder except wp-content and wp-config.php.

Now open your wp-config.php file and compare all its content to wp-config-sample.php file into root directory.

You can remove unwanted code here or install the fresh file into the same directory.

Also if you can change the database password it will be the best idea for you.

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Now you need to go to the wp-content directory and take the above actions on these folders below:

Firstly, list all your plugins that you are installed and remove the subfolder.

Here you need to reinstall all of your plugins.

Secondly, delete every theme except your current theme and check your theme files and find out malicious or unwanted code.

If you have a fresh current theme then reinstall this theme from your backup.

Thirdly, check your uploads folder for anything that you haven’t done previously.

Remove malware from your WordPress website using plugins.

There are many free WordPress plugins. Install the plugin and remove malware from your Website by a simple way.

Every plugin has documentation so you read carefully and do step by step.

Some plugin names are given below:
  1. MalCare Security Plugin
  2. Wordfence Security Plugin
  3. Sucuri Security Plugin

Finally, the best way to protect your website from malware keep a regular backup, database, theme file,  reset passwords, WordPress core files, and plugins are up to date.

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