JavaScript is a simple object-based example. An object is a collection of properties and property can have a function as its value, which is referred to as a method.

For example, in many other programming languages, JavaScript’s objects are comparable to actual physical objects.

That’s why an object in JavaScript is a separate entity having properties and a type.

How to Create an Object in JavaScript

Firstly, Objects are the most important part of the JavaScript language, and there are two ways that you can create them in your application.

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New Keyword

Secondly, the first way is by using the new keyword, which creates a new empty object.

So, the new keyword works like this “you give it a variable name and optionally followed by arguments to initialize its properties”.

var x = new Number(5);.

Object Constructor

Now, the second way is by using the Object() constructor function, which returns an instance of the built-in Object class.

For example, the code creates a variable called myObject and assigns it the value of “Hello”.

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var myObject = {}; = "Hello";

Object to Array JavaScript

We can use various types of methods can be used in JavaScript to turn an object into an array. Object.keys(), Object.values(), and Object.entries are a few of the available methods (), example below:

var map = function(obj, f)
return Object.keys(obj).map(f);

Using a New Keyword to Create an Object in the JavaScript

Now, when we are using a new keyword to create an object in JavaScript, we can use the following codes below:

function Person(name)
{ = name; } Person.prototype = { getName: function() { return; }, sayHello: function() { console.log("hello"); } }; var p = new Person("Jack"); p.sayHello();
function findIndexOfObject(arr, obj) { for (var i = arr.length; i--;) if (arr[i] == obj) return i; return -1 }

Finding the Index of an Object

In JavaScript, there are many ways to find an index of an object in an array, and the best way is using for..of loop.

for (const [index, ...array]) { // Do something with the array }

How to Check Code in an Array?

Finally, we can use the following code to check whether a given number exists in an array:

var people = [ {name: "John", age: 27}, {name: "Mary", age: 36}, {name: "Jerry", age: 33} ];


Lastly, when we are creating objects with this method. It is ensured to remember that they have no methods or properties until after they have been created.

So, we can say that they cannot be used as arguments to any function or as keys in an array or hash.

You also can’t use them as if they were regular variables and they are not actually variables but rather objects.

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