How to Stop Windows Automatic Updates in RDP

Updating your RDP is important and let’s see How to Stop Windows Automatic Updates in RDP.

In this article, I will check how to disable Automatic updates in RDP.

So first, I should check that is it good to stop updates in RDP or not.

For, Updates in Windows Server fixes security issues.

In main updates, you will also get additional features with updating your RDP.

Why Should We Need to Update The RDP Server?

I hope you have given up on how to disable the updates on your RDP servers or Windows VPS. So, if you want to do this, then stay with me.

Now, I discuss how to stop windows automatic updates in RDP.

First, login into your Windows VPS through RDP

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Then open “Run” and place this code gpedit.msc then click ok

Now, you can need to go to this path Computer configuration > Administrative templates > Windows Components

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Here need to search the windows update folder and open this folder.

When opening this folder then find Configure Automatic Updates file and double-click on it.

After double click opens a new window:

Here first select a radio button called Enable in this case you see an options dropdown below

Now need to select Notify for download and auto-install then click Apply then click Ok.

From now, Windows VPS updates will only be downloaded and installed manually.

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