How to build your own custom video conferencing solution on a VPS

Even when complete lockdowns had enforced by governments, economies were partially kept breathing by businesses having access to or adapting technology that enabled work from home.

The main drawback of social distancing in terms of the economy was the lack of viable

And efficient communications channels where wide-scale business operations could conduct without exposing employees to a deadly virus.

And cost businesses a fortune when finances were already dwindling.

Work from home, video conferencing and Zoom

Although the concept of working remotely or working from home is not a new one.

It was only recently that entire organization’s force to implement it to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

This also means that video conferencing solutions were already available to use.

But do these cater to the needs of a large market that was non-existent only a couple of months ago?

The most popular of these conferencing apps is Zoom.

It seems to be doing the job, for lack of many alternatives to choose from, given that Zoom can host a large enough number of people to facilitate online schooling which has also become a norm.

Zoom has also been the subject of criticism by users and scrutiny by the media.

This was mostly due to security issues regarding sensitive information being disperses via the application and privacy among users.

Looking for alternatives

zoom alternative video conferencing solution

zoom alternative video conferencing solution

Zoom has certainly capitalized on the publicity and see the largest revenue growth since its introduction.

But users are also on the lookout for Zoom alternative video conferencing solutions

The Skype platform and CiscoWebEx are also one of the oldest.

But most reliable communications platforms that became known for high-quality video calls and instant delivery of messages.

Unfortunately, it does not sit well with the current situation due to a lack of scheduling options and the ability to handle large numbers of participants.

Large corporations that have the resources already invest in customized communications solutions to meet their requirements.

But, you do not need millions in the bank to get started with your own custom-built conferencing app.

Launching your own video conferencing solution 

With the right networking tools, software, and decent enough programming knowledge to operate, you can have your own conferencing solution set up on a cloud-based VPN.

  • It is crucial that a highly reliable and efficient host network is open. Cloud-based networks are ideal for a video conferencing setup since service providers can accommodate varying and constantly growing demands
  • A reliable open source software for establishing a video connection between remotely pair devices. WebRTC is the most popular and commonly used technology for this purpose. It enables audio and video without additional plug-ins. Other features include encrypted data transfer, P2P communications networks and also hosts an open library which enables cross-platform chats using OpenTOK
  • Pre-packaged software solutions to offer enhanced features can utilize. PubNub is a prime example and offers a wide range of streaming software kits and plugins that are compatible with multiple OS.
  • Depending on whether you are developing a cross-platform conferencing application or restricting compatibility to just one, you will be relying on a compatible coding system. Video chatting app developers rely on Bambuser along with Swift and Java for writing the codes for iOs and Android respectively.

There is always another solution (zoom alternative video conferencing solution):

Zoom alternative video conferencing solutions have seen demand surge by hundreds of millions of new users.

Encrypted communications and privacy of data are a priority for new developers and users alike

There is immense potential to fill the communications gap between millions of people that are in isolation and working from home.

There is always room for the betterment and another tech whiz to take up the game.