From your Office to Office365 : Cloud migration made easy with CloudSurph

Since the advent of Microsoft Office, it’s become a quintessential workplace tool. So much so, that execution of day to day tasks without Microsoft Office is unfathomable. The newest variant, Office 365 migration service Washington DC, is no exception to the innovative incorporation,With many more features and cloud computing services on offer, there is simply no going back.

A brief look into Office365

Office 365 developed into a strong brand immediately upon release. Unlike its predecessor in the line, Microsoft Office 2013, all of the components in Office365 can managed through a single online portal. Users at an organization can added manually via the online portal. The use of Powershell scripts will allow more advanced setup options.

All traditional Office applications are available on Office 365. More of these apps and services can accessed depending on the plan under subscription. Subscriptions can purchased for plans designed to meet the needs of an individual, home or small to large scale business.

Features and Plans

The most basic plan, Personal, is ideal for individual or home use. It comes with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Onenote, Access and Publisher. 60 minutes of international Skype calls and 1TB of storage on OneDrive are also included.

All subscriptions entitled to free updates to software of the respective applications as and when updates are available. So, as long as subscription lasts, users will not required to purchase new versions of applications with software updates.

Business plans, depending on the level subscribed to, gives access to hosted services. These include Exchange Server, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Office Web Apps browser to name a few. Certain plans offer unlimited cloud storage depending on the requirement of the business

Individuals and organizations that have deployed Office365 within the workforce have a competitive edge in terms of effective information sharing and management. More and more businesses are synchronising themselves with these services to improve efficiency.

Of course a running business that does not use Office365, would have piles and piles of data stacked up on servers locally. While not wanting to ensue in shifting of it, citing loss of data, data security and maybe even counter-productivity.

Migrating to Office 365

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Weighing in on the benefits that can reaped, business thus prefer assisted migration of data and employee information onto Cloud. One of the services offered by Cloud Services Company, Washington D.C.

Once setup on Office 365, a business and it’s employees now have access to all Office applications under a single platform and each with their individual accounts. Communications can streamlined and directed efficiently,

Subscriptions can purchased for upto 15 services, available under the Office365 Enterprise plan for large organizations. Cloud Services Company, Washington, D.C. will also ensure that none of these services interrupted while the subscription is active or until it lasts. Thus also allowing the organization ample time to familiarize itself with cloud computing and it’s services.

Future versions of Office 365 are sure to pack more features that will continue to enhance business functions.