In this article, we try to discuss Boosting Application Speed by Implementing Caching in Laravel. Laravel and caching, are a match made in programming heaven! Let’s supercharge that application speed with a dash of caching magic. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


Firstly, Open your .env file and set up your caching driver. Laravel supports various drivers like file, redis, memcached, and more.


Basic Caching:

Secondly, In your code, you can start caching by using the cache() function.

$data = cache('key', function () {
    // Your time-consuming operation goes here
    return 'cached data';

// Retrieve cached data
$cachedData = cache('key');

Cache Tags:

Thirdly, Laravel allows you to tag cached items, making it easy to flush related data.

cache(['tagged' => 'data'], now()->addMinutes(10))->tags('tag1', 'tag2');

Cache TTL (Time To Live):

Fourthly, Set the time for which the data should be cached.

cache(['key' => 'value'], now()->addMinutes(10));

Conditional Caching:

Now, Cache data only if a certain condition is met.

cache()->unless($condition, function () {
// Cache this data if $condition is false

Cache Clearing:

Flush the entire cache or specific items.

// Clear all cache

// Clear specific items or tags

Database Query Caching:

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Cache database queries to avoid repeated hits.

$users = DB::table('users')->remember(10)->get();

Cache in Blade Views:

Cache parts of your views for better performance.

@cache('key', 10)
// Cached content here

Eloquent Model Caching:

Cache Eloquent queries effortlessly.

$user = User::find(1)->remember(10)->first();

Cache Busting:

So, When your data changes, make sure to clear or update the cache accordingly.


Finally, Implementing caching in Laravel is a game-changer for performance. Just remember to use it wisely, clear caches when needed, and watch your application speed reach new heights! Happy coding!

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