Best cloud hosting companies in Washington DC:

Cloud hosting is a virtual server in the cloud (several virtual machines that can combined into virtual networks and additional automated services). Cloud-based fault-tolerant server clusters simultaneously serve several clients, providing them with the necessary capacity and automated services: storage systems / disk space, application servers, terminal servers, web servers, mail servers, database servers, etc.: In other words, we can say that cloud hosting, also called cluster hosting, a certain number of merged servers called the cloud. There are two types of cloud hosting

Public cloud hosting:.

The main advantage of course the price, it is significantly lower than the personal cloud hosting.

Private  cloud hosting:.

The price is higher than the public one, but it better protected.

The main advantages of cloud hosting:

best washington d.c. cloud hosting company

Washington D.C. cloud hosting company

1.Hundreds of servers maybe combined by companies providing this hosting service. A hosting project has access to all the servers of the provider. Thus, the problem of the availability of information is completely solved due to the large number. If one or more of the existing servers fail, it will not affect the entire system.

  1. Configured cloud hosting services will manage to automatically increase or decrease the resources currently allocated for use with the site’s requirements.
  2. Hosting providers now do not have any restrictions on the use of individual servers that may disrupted. A technology provides virtual access to a wide range of interchangeable servers.
  3. Given the current capability of the resources used, the customer does not need to worry about the potential consumption of their volume in advance.

Compare virtual and cloud hosting:

It should noted that virtual hosting is the most affordable type of hosting, it also has minimal functionality. In this case, the site host on one server with hundreds of other web projects under one operating system, but differs only in the quantitative characteristics of some criteria: the number of databases , the amount of disk space, FTP users and others.

Therefore It may seem to many site owners that these properties are quite enough, but the problem is that this hosting does not withstand high attendance rates. Cloud hosting has the ability to dynamically allocate resources. This means that in case of increased load on one of the servers, cloud hosting can attract computing resources of less loaded servers. This ensures the stability and reliability of sites, but cloud hosting is more expensive than virtual.

The following are the best cloud hosting companies in Washington DC


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