Windows VPS hosting provider: Running legacy Windows XP and Windows 7 on the cloud

One of the many legacies of Microsoft is the all too familiar user interface that everyone knows their way around on Windows OS.

The famous icons, logos, and symbols associate with our favorite Microsoft applications and Windows OS are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world.

But, we’ve come a long way since the days of Windows XP. and Windows 7.

Innovations in computer technology have to skip ages into the era of cloud computing and nothing is the same, 

It may seem that the compatibility of our favorite software and operating systems with newer developments may just have stretching out too far at last

Windows Cloud servers

While all of us were left in awe by the best of Windows.

Microsoft continued the development of computer tech into a future where cloud computing is a reality. 

Along with Google and Amazon, Microsoft plays a key role in the establishment of the most common cloud frameworks that are operational today.

This created the possibility of cloud-based servers being compatible for hosting Windows VPS and likewise the operating systems.

Hosting Windows on the cloud means websites developed using Microsoft specific tools and applications will be best adapting to windows servers.

Active Server Pages and Microsoft FrontPage would also work best for websites hosted on a Windows VPS.

Running the Windows legacy

For a large business that is operating legacy software on a full scale.

It is important to coordinate with IT professionals and assist migration service providers when transferring files to the cloud. 

A sound strategy will have to devised to ensure that this data protection and usage not interrupt.

Some inevitable downtime should expect nonetheless.

The ideal transition time from a business’ point of view would be during an overhaul of the IT infrastructure

Or pre-scheduled migration of legacy apps when downtime expected and unavoidable.

How much longer will the legacy last?

Windows legacy

Windows legacy

If you do not already know this, then we hate to break it to you. But, Microsoft ended all support for Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020.

This includes all software updates, patches, or tech support for the world’s favorite operating system as voted by the 36% active users.

After more than 10 years since it’s release.

Microsoft wants you to go for the newer alternatives.

This certainly does not mean you cannot continue using WindowsXP and Windows 7 on cloud-based Windows VPS,

But, you should be aware of the risks if you continue to use an unsupported OS.

Know this before you make your decision

With expert assistance from a cloud migration service provider, you can continue to use legacy Windows software on a Windows VPS. 

The risks need to weigh within the environment where it’s being used.

Businesses and individuals are likely exposed to viruses and theft of information from hackers due to a lack of security updates. 

That is certainly not a risk that a business would be willing to take. Nor would they think it viable to invest in paid-for extended-security-support.

Yes, You read that right.

If you are an individual not willing to give up on Windows 7, you can continue using it on the cloud and pay Microsoft to continue support.

So will you do that? Or will you look for newer Windows going into the cloud