How to Prevent Windows From Sleeping With Caffeine? Follow this article for how to use caffeine to stop a Windows PC from sleeping.

Caffeine is free software and browser extension designed for your computer awake, either way.

This application is easy to use, heavy lightweight, and it can help if you face any problems with your PC going to sleep or locking.

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Why do you Use Caffeine?

So, if you did not want your PC, or laptop going to sleep and you cannot get at the PC’s power options to change its sleep settings, here is a show on how to keep it awake with the Caffeine free software.

Assuming that you are using Caffeine responsibly, it can be a great way to keep your screen awake while you are not using the keyboard or mouse.

Also, it is very Easy, Lightweight, and Effective for Windows 10 or your PC.

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How to Download and Install Caffeine on your PC

Go to the Zhorn Software website, and from here you can download the Caffeine desktop version.

Now extract the ZIP file after the download is completed.

After then open your extract folder and run the .exe file, and you should ensure what system you need 32-bit or 64-bit.

So, now install what you need, which means run the corresponding .exe file.

Caffeine Portable App

Caffeine is a totally portable app, that’s why no need to install it on your PC or Laptop for it to run.

Once when you run it, you will get notice the icon will show on your PC/Laptop toolbar.

So, the desktop version of this program goes, it’s done.

From now your computer will stay awake, it does not matter how long you have left the system idle.

How to Use the Caffeine Browser Extension?

The Caffeine browser extension is more useful APP if you are using a system where you cannot do download.

Unfortunately, it is only available for the Google Chrome browser.

But this browser extension can help you for keeping your computer awake as long as the Google Chrome browser is open.

So, go to Google Chrome Browser Extension and search “Caffeine – Keep Awake”.

And when come this App just clicks Add to Chrome button.

Now you will be able to enable the Caffeine extension from the Chrome browser’s top-right menu.

Caffeine Browser Extension Link:

With this app added, and your Chrome browser is open, then your PC will never fall asleep.

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