Things You Can Do With a Cheap Storage Server:

A cheap storage server is a kind of server that can used by an individual to protect, store, manage and access different files, digital information, and services.

This server is built purposefully to retrieve and store a minor or major amount of data through an internet connection or a share networking system.

A VPS storage server can used for c panel backups, server backups, user data backup, and many much more think of a VPS storage server as your own personal drop box folder but with full access and permissions.

A storage server functions as an essential part of two technologies i.e. DAS (direct-attached storage) and NAS (network-attached storage).

Now that you know what a storage server is, here is a little summary of all the things you can do by the help of these cheap storage server plans.

1. Create Standby NAS Server:

A crucial part of any users need is the backups but thankfully a cheap storage server can be of help here.

There are many software available in the market at a low price that can quickly turn your storage server into NAS (network-attached storage).

All you have to do is to include big drives that will effectively turn your server in a backup hosting device.

2. Compact Disk Imaging:

Ghost images or update disk clones of both complicated and non-complicated technologies can be really helpful while working.

Even though it may be hard to find storage space for these files but a cheap storage server will do just fine if you are unable to take advanced software to re-image all the networking clients through a dominant server.

You can make some changes by adding big drives and saving all the images after which you can just copy that image to any removable device such as USB and then restore them.

3. Build Media Server or HTPC:cheap storage server plans

Sure if you have a spare desktop around the house, then you can use this hardware as a media streaming device but the limitation here would be only to your physical space.

But with VPS storage server you can build to hold backups for any kind of data and you can have all of the benefits of this system without making use of a keyboard or a monitor.

Just use a network cable for the connection and utilize it remotely via ssh.

4. Virtualization:

This phenomenon is not just for the new servers but a storage server you have own for a long time can also specified to carry out a visualized plan of action in an existing software system for data fail over or redundancy.

For example, you can use any of our open-VZ VPS plans to host two any kind of data which might of low or high priority.

5. Domestic Firewall or VPN Disposition:

To use your cheap storage server for this purpose, we recommend that you purchase our VPS storage plans which utilizes Linux.

You can install software for open source firewall and form a network security solution to rival luxurious and advanced commercial applications and Linux operating systems offers these features at no cost.