Choosing between in house IT infrastructure and managed IT services

Part of a successful business strategy is securing the resources that go into generating the most efficient and streamline business process.

These strategies involve the revenue-generating activities and support functions that help the business achieve its objectives.

It’s of extreme importance, how much resources diverted towards support functions.

An improper balance would mean a waste of finance, resources, and loss of productivity.

Outsourcing business operations

It is for this reason that businesses often outsource a process that does not directly affect the objectives for which it exists.

Outsourcing is an alternate cost that may prove to be beneficial for the business in the long run.

Management has to prudently evaluate if the outsourcing of a process to an external service.

Will result in cost-saving and at the same time achieve the necessary results.

The IT function

Depending on the nature of a business, there are various functions that a business may outsource or hire a service to manage,

This is because the business may lack expertise in that particular area or isn’t able to execute said function economically.

Technological advancements have ensured that almost all businesses have a requirement for an IT function.

The importance played by IT infrastructures is such that they consider being more of a primary feature than a supporting one.

The increasing popularity of cloud computing has meant growth.

In cloud-based apps, services, and office tools that businesses increasingly use to support sales.

And the generation of revenue while also optimizing the efficiency of employees.

No doubt that a business or any organization would be amiss without the support of computing technology.

Online presence matters

The realization of the important role played by IT in carrying out successful business operations has long ago establishes.

It is now a question of efficiency and availability of the IT section that is of concern.

No business can afford the downtime of any sort.

More than making it look inefficient and inconsistent online presence even hits the reputation of a business with customers and stakeholders.

Onsite premise vs. managed services

The existing concern is of a managerial nature when it comes to IT services.

The very first question is if IT structures should be set up on-site or be out sourcing to a manage hosting service such as in Washington DC

This question arises because of the differing nature of the two options.

On-site IT requires significant budgeting. Managerial roles and administrative duties have to assign.

IT experts have to hire and train

On-site equipment has to secure and upgrade with updates in technology.

Although it means hands-on availability of IT help at the company’s disposal.

An in house IT setup needs to treat as a separate business unit in order to facilitate the objective of the business itself.

Managed IT services

managed IT services

While the costs of running in house IT may spiral out of control, a business may choose to hire services managed by IT professionals.

It can either outsource the entire function or parts of it where there is no available expertise.

Managed hosting services, such as in Washington DC only require a managerial decision.

And no further managerial role requires other than ensuring positive results from the service.

Administration of equipment and data security is the responsibility of the hosting service.

Most managed services allow access to remote servers which enables remote access.

Thereby increasing efficiency when reaching for files store on these servers.

Managed services promise connectivity of up to 99.99% which significantly eliminates the risk of downtime and online integrity.

While hosting services offer convenient, custom design monthly packages.

Businesses may also opt for services on a pay as you go basis whereby a service can discontinue if it is no longer required.

The decision as to whether to opt for in house IT infrastructure or managed services remains with the management and is sole influences by the nature of the business

Or the availability of expertise while ensuring minimum costs incurred.