Dedicated servers – How to find the best deals online:

Increased competition among service providers to meet up with the requirements of large clients. Means cheap dedicated servers for monthly rent or customize payment plans are very easily available.

But, operational ease is also a very major factor that may sometimes overlook when choosing from a variety of dedicated server hosting options.

Cloudsurph is a leading server hosting provider that is running dedicated server promotions which effectively bring down prices for these servers to a minimum without compromising the quality of service provided.

This ensures that clients are always connecting and see almost no downtime with Cloudsurph’s promise of a 99.99% availability.

What does Cloudsurph have on offer?

Keeping up with the commitment to provide cheap dedicated servers in order to nourish a lasting partnership with clients that sees their businesses grow online.

Cloudsurph offers a variety of hosting options that intricately designed to be compatible with various operating systems to ensure ease of use.

Readily available plans are available in 3 distinct categories.

Regardless of which operating system used by the client, These are Value Cloud, Power Cloud, and Ultra Cloud.

Linux OS:

The value cloud plan for Linux Centos gives the operator 8GB RAM, 300GB HD storage and 10 TB of monthly bandwidth usage among other features.

After signing up for this plan, clients can avail a 30% saving and pay only $99.00 monthly

With Power Cloud, in addition to slightly enhanced features like 16GB RAMand 500GB HD storage.

An operator will save 40% monthly under the new promotion, paying just $175 monthly

Ultra Cloud offers distinctly upgrade features and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

With double the RAM size and HD storage from the Power Cloud.

Paying only $200 monthly, users save a massive 50%

Similarly categorized plans are available for Ubuntu and Fedora OS.

The promotions are across the dedicated server products on Cloudsurph and users can avail discounts upon signing up for any of these.

Windows OS

Dedicated server plans for Windows OS are a big hit and popular with users since it widely used.

The plans categorized the same into Value, Power, and Ultra.

The Value Package equips users with 300GB storage, 8 GB MEMORY, 10TB monthly bandwidth, and 4 physical processor cores.

With as low as $110 a month, the offer ensures that clients save 30%.

Similarly, the Power and Ultra packages give access to enhanced features for $190 and $220, with guaranteed savings of 40% and 50% respectively.

All Windows dedicated server plans have a dedicated KVM and prepackaged IPv4 and IPv6.

Cloudsurph secures your online presence.

Once your service is up and running, you assured that your information on servers host by cloudsurph is secure.

Data centers monitor both physically and with the use of technology.

Clients have the privilege of giving complete attention towards developing their business without worrying about a secure IT infrastructure.