Nowadays, JavaScript developer is busy. Teams have taken enough time to wrap their heads around Angular, and Vue.js along with React or Redux, but innovations keep entering the market.

So, Typescript is one of the most game-changing ones the tool was released in 2012 and has been the topic of tech talks ever since.

What is the difference between Typescript and JavaScript?  So, here we try to give a detailed answer, Is Typescript better than JavaScript? and What is the difference between Typescript and JavaScript?


What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language exactly designed for web development. It is an essential part of web applications and it enables interactive web pages. It does not need to interact with hardware since all actions happen in the browser for the application. JavaScript is often combined with REST APIs, XML, and other technologies.

What is Typescript?

Typescript can be stated as an improved version of JavaScript with increased readability, intuitive interface, static compilation, and typing.

So, the intention behind creating JavaScript was to simplify the development process. Also, it helps developers deliver a cleaner codebase and it is a superset of JS, not a standalone language.

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In this stage, we have probably seen this subset if we have worked with Angular 2.0.  or Other JS frameworks following examples of Angular and implement Typescript support as well.

Therefore, the main difference between TypeScript is that it is strongly typed or that it supports static typing.

So, we can say that Static typing allows checking type correctness at the compile time and is not available in JavaScript.

Is Typescript better than JavaScript?

Technically, it is slightly advanced. Considering the fact that Typescript is an addition to JavaScript, you are not losing much of the core JavaScript functionality. In exchange, you can switch to static typing, create an informative codebase, and detect bugs while working on the code.

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Therefore, the practical answer depends, as always on the use case. So, we have prepared a checklist to summarize all the main aspects.

What is the difference between Typescript and JavaScript?

JavaScript VS TypeScript
The performance of TypeScript and JavaScript don’t differ, but JavaScript doesn’t catch mistakes in real-time Error detection is important for teams in sensitive industries, multiple developers, and projects with complex functionality
Developers like to be flexible and change their types as much as they want to Developers prefer the reliability of static typing
If the solution doesn’t handle sensitive data but needs high responsiveness. JavaScript will definitely suit you better. Code quality over fast performance. If your platform performance speed isn’t a decisive factor, TypeScript is a better option.
Developers are used to JavaScript, static typing, and other key features You are not familiar with the JavaScript ecosystem
Easier to learn has a lot of documentation and free resources Harder to learn because of the required knowledge of static coding and prototyping
Unlimited choice of JavaScript frameworks and libraries The choice of tools and libraries is slightly limited

So, the answer is yes if you are a developer who’s wondering if learning Typescript is worth the struggle. If you have not worked with static typing before, you will likely be surprised to recognize many of its benefits.

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